Anastasia Lozinskaya - vocals, bass

Sergey Tkachenko - guitars

Yakov Vtorushin - drums, keyboards

Krasnoyarsk, Russia

 The history of the band started in Krasnoyarsk in 2003.


Firstly it was a studio project of an author and a singer Anastasia Lozinskaya and a soundproducer and a drummer Yakov Vtorushin. First recorded song "Navsegda" was full of keyboard and electronical sound and it's style was close to trip-hop.


Next song " Nebo" sounded as an alternative style with guitar overdrive. Dmitry Tarasov took part in the recording (guitars).


When Sergey Polishchuk, who was a keyboard player, joined to the band four songs appeared in 2007 - "Dozhd" , " Tvoi glaza", " Leti so mnoy" , " Otpuskay".

 So guys decided to start a band for doing real gigs.


There were four musicians in the band in summer of 2007:

Vocal, guitar- Anastasia Lozinskaya

Drums- Yakov Vtorushin

Bass - Dmitry Tcherezov

Guitar- Vladimir Kraev


 Musucians applied to the all-Russian rock festival wich was holding at that time in Krasnoyarsk called Rock From Baltica and got an opportunity to take part there. Debut performance on a stage with very famous Russian bands such as "Spleen", "Smyslovie 
hallucinatsyi", "Korol i Shut" was a bright event in the life of the group.


The music of this period shows the influence of groups such as «U2», «Coldplay», «The Cranberries». 


In the same year the group took part in a festival "Prizvan byt pervym" where they became a winner in the nomination of  "Rock".


In 2008, Sergey Tkachenko became a lead guitarist in Irish Cream who had been a musician from Omsk, where a few years earlier drummer Yakov Vtorushin and second guitarist Alexei Mishchenko had moved to Krasnoyarsk from.


Yakov and Sergey had always been old good friends, and they had had time to play in leading groups in the city of Omsk before, such as "Inside", "Sign of the Sun", "September», «Sunrise», etc. 


The band in 2008:

Vocal - Anastasia Lozinskaya 

Drums - Yakov Vtorushin

Bass - Dmitry Tcherezov

Guitar - Sergey Tkachenko

Guitar - Alexei Mishchenko


 The band worked out a concert program, actively gave concerts in the clubs of Krasnoyarsk and Omsk, took part in the festival - 
"VecheGreenka in town" - 2009, «PRO-fest, part 3" - 2010 - became a headliner of the festival, and others.


 In 2010 the band released their debut mini-album "Eto vsyo menyaet." By style it was a melodic pop-rock, original and very high quality, with vivid and bright vocal of Anastasia Lozinskaya, which is getting into the depths of the soul in the heart of the listener. 


 Also in 2010 there happend some changes - Alexei Mishchenko and Dmitry Tcherezov left the band. 


Remaining three musicians decided to develop as they were and handed a bass guitar to Anastassia. Being a truly gifted musician, she learned a new instrument  herself in several months. And in spring of 2011 at the night club scene "Era" in Krasnoyarsk Irish Cream presented a new program in English, a mixture of old school rock and new wave, indie and post-grunge. 


Irish Cream started playing new music full of drive and interesting melodies. The sound became containing more guitars and riffs.There are keyboards in some songs using pads just for background and fillings. 


The present composition of the group:

Vocals, bass - Anastasia Lozinskaya

Guitars - Sergey Tkachenko

Drums, Keyboards - Yakov Vtorushin


  There was a release of a live album «Live!» in autumn 2011, consisting of six new songs recorded live in the studio «Favor» in 
Krasnoyarsk. Now musicians are working on the first long-play album and are ready for new concerts. Also there are plans to record an acoustic program.


 "We want to tell the world by our music about the love that is infinite, as the love of God and "never stops"(1 Cor. 13:4-8)


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